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Secure Transport of EDI and XML for Trading Exchanges
IPNet Solutions adds support for the AS2 security standard to its product suite. IPNet builds products to link marketplace partners who use different data

edi asp  other flavors of XML, EDI and legacy systems. IPNet products also support transaction management functions. In addition to licensing its software to market operators IPNet also offers its products on an ASP basis. IPNet announced that it has released support for the AS2 security standard in version 3.2 of its eBizness Suite. Formally known as HTTP Transport for Secure EDI, AS2 is a draft internet standard for exchanging structured business data in EDIFACT, X12, XML or other formats using the HTTP Read More

Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Hubspan is in Suppliers’ Corner
Founded in June, Hubspan helps suppliers connect to a buyer-centric B2B world.

edi asp  of protocols including cXML, EDI, and RosettaNet. Hubspan provides a secure, scalable and reliable service through its ASP partner Exodus. Suppliers also benefit from a platform that allows them to deliver product catalogs, price and availability, invoices, and advanced shipping notification to buyers on an exchange. The hosting model should be especially attractive to mid market suppliers as it allows them to participate in exchanges without costly and time-consuming hardware and software installations. Read More
Epicor Software Corp.: Completing Painstaking
Fiscal 2001 will prove to be very challenging for Epicor Software and we believe the next 18 months will be the company's make-or-break period. This part

edi asp  was required to endorse EDI forms to transmit data. This meant configuring their data to an agreed standard in order to transact business. Digital Market Places and e-business transactions follow a similar path. Epicor faces a challenge of overcoming the notion of suppliers adapting to multiple standards in order to support multiple customers. Moreover, different marketplaces may (and do) describe their transactions differently. Additionally, Digital Market Places cover different verticals and industries Read More
Big Bird Dines Again
Harbinger has agreed to be acquired by Peregrine in a stock exchange. The merger mates an infrastructure company that has already begun feathering its nest

edi asp  it possible, through its EDI network and catalog software, for small and mid-sized companies to engage in e-commerce. In its new plumage as an Internet company it has developed harbinger.netsm for hosting ASP software offerings and marketplaces. Peregrine has been building on its reputation as an infrastructure company, well known for asset management in particular, to create a niche in e-procurement as the unique solution enabling purchasing and life cycle tracking of fixed assets. Peregrine recently Read More
The Pain and Gain of Integrated EDI Part Two: Automotive Suppliers Gain
The nature of the global automotive supply chain means that the suppliers must be tightly integrated into the trading partner’s enterprise, whose supply chain

edi asp  and Gain of Integrated EDI Part Two: Automotive Suppliers Gain What Are Automotive Leaders Doing? The global automotive industry is becoming leaner, faster, and less forgiving than ever before. Product life cycles are shorter, customer requirements are stricter, business is dramatically more international, and profits are increasingly harder to squeeze out of any enterprise's day-to-day business operations. Infor Global Solutions Discrete Group focuses on providing deep vertical expertise to the Read More
Onyx Thinks ASP Opportunities Are A Gem
Onyx Software is a CRM vendor that competes in the mid-market. Onyx considers implementation risk, implementation time, and distribution strategy to be

edi asp  Thinks ASP Opportunities Are A Gem Onyx Thinks ASP Opportunities Are A Gem L. Talarico - October 18, 2000 Event Summary Onyx Software, a CRM vendor that competes against the likes of Siebel, Kana, and Pivotal in the mid-market, is committed to distributing its applications through ASPs. Onyx's main product is Onyx 2000, which has the following four components: E-business Engine - This is the backbone for the rest of the applications. The engine consists of a data center, process technology (technology Read More
United Messaging to Provide Enhanced ASP Messaging Services
Through a combination of enhancement offerings such as anti-spam, anti-virus and enhanced fault tolerance, look to see United Messaging to maintain its foothold

edi asp  of the forerunners in dedicated Messaging ASPs. Through a combination of enhancement offerings such as anti-spam, anti-virus and enhanced fault tolerance, look to see United Messaging to maintain its foothold at the head of the messaging ASP pack. One of its primary competitors, Interliant, based out of Chicago, is another ASP with a positive market share in the messaging space, but does not focus directly on messaging. In addition to enhanced product offerings, United Messaging also offers 24x7 helpdesk Read More
PeopleSoft’s ASP Play
PeopleSoft announces the “Next Generation ASP”

edi asp  customers. These managers are dedicated to PeopleSoft eCenter customers to escalate and expedite their service issues. The eCenter provides dedicated 24x7 customer support. In addition, eCenter customers will have access to PeopleSoft implementation project managers throughout the implementation phase. PeopleSoft eCenter offers the reliability, scalability, and security of leading, global e-business infrastructure providers, including Exodus Communications, Sun Microsystems, Cisco Systems Inc., MCI Read More
Migration Made Easy: Switching VAN Providers without the Fire Drills
To ensure end-to-end visibility while still meeting multiple trading partner requirements in your supply chain operations, one solution is to consolidate with a

edi asp  without the Fire Drills EDI Solutions is also known as : EDI Solutions , Secure EDI Solutions , Electronic Data Interchange EDI , Supply Chain Management EDI , Supply Chain Visibility , EDI Data Interchange , Supply Chain Operations EDI Solutions , EDI Service Solution Integration , Selecting Migration Partner EDI Solutions , Supply-Chain Operations Reference EDI Solutions , Scm Operations Research EDI Solutions , EDI Web Solutions , EDI Network Connections , EDI Managed Services VAN , Value-Added Network Read More
When EDI Goes Native, Everything Falls in Sync with IQMS
IQMS's IQ EDI module is a natively-built solution that deals with the complexities of data synchronization among EDI documents and eliminates the need for third

edi asp  EDI Goes Native, Everything Falls in Sync with IQMS The Pain and Gain of Integrated EDI IQMS, a small, privately-held company operating out of Paso Robles, California (US) has marked itself differently from other enterprise resource planning (ERP) vendors by offering native modules where other vendors only provide third-party solutions. Generally, embedded third-party solutions are leerily regarded, especially by small and medium enterprises because third-party batch interfaces tend to be cumbersome. Read More
Agilera.com - A new era for the web?
Verio, CIBER, and Centennial Ventures Sign Definitive Agreements to Form New ASP Joint Venture.

edi asp  the rise. Forrester Research predicts that application outsourcing will be a $21 billion industry by 2001. Companies have recognized the market potential and are forming strategic partnerships to deliver complete solutions. Hosting companies, infrastructure enablers, and software providers are joining forces to develop value added offerings. Agilera.com is offering solutions for vertical markets including emerging business, higher education, retail, Independent Software Vendors and manufacturing and Read More
EDI: Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying EDI Integration
Your business has a better chance of withstanding the challenges of difficult economic times if it can respond quickly to change, provide accurate data, and

edi asp  to Avoid When Buying EDI Integration Top 5 Mistakes in Buying EDI Integration If you receive errors when attempting to view this white paper, please install the latest version of Adobe Reader. Emanio, headquartered in Berkeley, California, was founded in 1994 and has operations across the United States and in Europe. In 1995, Emanio was one of the first companies to send EDI messages over the Internet and integrate these into backend ERP and Supply Chain Management systems through a single tool. Read More
AFC Stamping Sets Record for Implementing Honda EDI and Scheduling

edi asp  Record for Implementing Honda EDI and Scheduling Read More
IBM Announces the Release of DB2 Universal Database Version 7
IBM (NYSE: IBM) has announced the release of DB2 Universal Database Version 7, with a new pricing structure for application service providers (ASPs), support

edi asp  IBM appears to be dedicated to the success of this release, and is providing new certification programs for database administrators, as well as a program to retrain database administrators familiar with competing products. The presence of an additional 500 software engineers and sales specialists (it should be noted that IBM doesn't state whether they will all be dedicated to this product), in addition to IBM's well-known abilities in the consulting arena, should also ease the customer's concerns about Read More
The Benefits of PSA-Revenue Acceleration and Improved Efficiency
Technology changes have allowed an alternative to the client-server model to emerge, specifically the application service provider (ASP), in which the vendor

edi asp  Benefits of PSA-Revenue Acceleration and Improved Efficiency Technology changes have allowed an alternative to the client-server model to emerge, specifically the application service provider (ASP), in which the vendor hosts the software on its server and charges a monthly or annual fee per user. The growing acceptance of ASPs has accelerated the growth of professional services automation. This paper compares the client-server and ASP models and outline ths benefits that companies are realizing from Read More

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