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Secure Transport of EDI and XML for Trading Exchanges
IPNet Solutions adds support for the AS2 security standard to its product suite. IPNet builds products to link marketplace partners who use different data

edi asp  other flavors of XML, EDI and legacy systems. IPNet products also support transaction management functions. In addition to licensing its software to market operators IPNet also offers its products on an ASP basis. IPNet announced that it has released support for the AS2 security standard in version 3.2 of its eBizness Suite. Formally known as HTTP Transport for Secure EDI, AS2 is a draft internet standard for exchanging structured business data in EDIFACT, X12, XML or other formats using the HTTP Read More
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Logistics.com Might Prove An Internet Success Story After All
As the number of dot-com’s dwindles, we see some examples of highly focused exchanges and hosted applications with growth and a path towards profitability

edi asp  that its solutions represent short-to-medium term investments that carry a very rapid return on investment (ROI), typically less than two months. As an example, in April, Logistics.com announced that it managed over $2 billion in transportation procurement in the preceding 12 months, saving its customers over $100 million within that timeframe. Other recent company news includes an announcement of a $1.24 million savings for The Limited, Inc . The following are the most recent high-profile contract wins: Read More
Big Bird Dines Again
Harbinger has agreed to be acquired by Peregrine in a stock exchange. The merger mates an infrastructure company that has already begun feathering its nest

edi asp  it possible, through its EDI network and catalog software, for small and mid-sized companies to engage in e-commerce. In its new plumage as an Internet company it has developed harbinger.netsm for hosting ASP software offerings and marketplaces. Peregrine has been building on its reputation as an infrastructure company, well known for asset management in particular, to create a niche in e-procurement as the unique solution enabling purchasing and life cycle tracking of fixed assets. Peregrine recently Read More
Rules-based Marketing: Helping Companies Transform Leads into Sales
For years, small to medium businesses have envied the powerful marketing campaigns of their larger counterparts. But today, bigger budgets and marketing

edi asp  Lead Coordinator ASP | EDI Sales Lead | EDI Sales Lead Management | EDI Sales Marketing Leads | EDI Free Sales Leads | EDI Software Sales Services | EDI Track Sales Leads | EDI Sales Lead Fulfillment | EDI Sales Leads Qualifications | EDI Sales Leads Processing | EDI Complete Lead Generation | EDI Sales Lead Expert | EDI Sales Lead Generation | EDI Sales Force | EDI Prospecting Sales Leads | EDI Generate Sales Leads | EDI Sales Lead Tracking | EDI Sales Lead Pipeline | EDI Sales Lead Software | EDI Track Read More
Epicor Software Corp.: Completing Painstaking
Fiscal 2001 will prove to be very challenging for Epicor Software and we believe the next 18 months will be the company's make-or-break period. This part

edi asp  was required to endorse EDI forms to transmit data. This meant configuring their data to an agreed standard in order to transact business. Digital Market Places and e-business transactions follow a similar path. Epicor faces a challenge of overcoming the notion of suppliers adapting to multiple standards in order to support multiple customers. Moreover, different marketplaces may (and do) describe their transactions differently. Additionally, Digital Market Places cover different verticals and industries Read More
Lawson Software’s CRM and ASP Moves - Wise, Bold, Injudicious, Enforced, or Something Else?
Two recent moves by Lawson Software have stunned the market: 1) it discontinued its in-house CRM development in favor for partnering with Siebel Systems, and 2)

edi asp  a pinch in the immediate future should it decide to deliver its product only in the ASP mode. While CIOs make outsourcing software a serious consideration for any future IT plans, few are willing to jump on the bandwagon just yet. Also, customers like to be given a choice, and some may not appreciate having only one option, particularly while the market is in its nascent stage. Therefore we have got Lawson's assurances that it will continue to deliver its products in the traditional mode too for the Read More
Small ERP Vendors Missing The ASP Boat
Our experience from conducting dozens of ERP software selection engagements recently teaches us that some number of smaller enterprises, first-time ERP buyers

edi asp  mitigate those inactive vendors' predicament and should keep the customer on a high alert. Market Impact The advent of ASP offerings for enterprise applications and its acceptance, particularly in the mid-market, is one of the recent market trends (for more information, see Essential ERP - Current Market Trends - Part II ). A vast majority of vendors have been positioning their offering to take advantage of this trend. This is particularly true for Tier 1 vendors that have seen this as another Read More
Case Study: Mission Rubber
Mission Rubber’s customers@the manufacturer’s representatives and distributors it sells through@began insisting on the use of electronic data interchange (EDI

edi asp  that could provide cost-effective EDI translation and document exchange functionality. Find out why Mission Rubber finds its EDI solution is simple to set up, manage, and use—and how the company benefits. Read More
Logistics.com Becomes The Newest Of Manhattan Associates Part 2: Strengths, Challenges, and User Recommendations
Logistics.com needs to tie its execution modules into the plant/warehouse-level applications in order to give a customer a full solution. Manhattan cannot

edi asp  leverage their investment in EDI, although in that case the companies miss out on a wealth of information that tXML comprises outside of traditional EDI-based fields. The lack of standards has traditionally been one of the key barriers to the rapid adoption of e-logistics services, and through the introduction of LEMA, Logistics.com could be paving the way for more open, standards-based initiatives in the industry. The backbone of LEMA is its message bus, which reportedly integrates with over 70 distinct Read More
Service Chain Information will Transform the Total Chain
Moving to a performance-based service business model will have huge implications for the whole value chain. Its principle is to manage for outcomes—procure

edi asp  through distribution networks, it's predicting performance, building products better and sensing or predicting when they will fail—before they fail—and then averting downtime. The implications are profound and don't make everyone feel happy about this. More uptime means less sales of original equipment. The DoD, for example, is beginning to write contracts for these Performance-based Logistics weapons systems, like the Joint Strike Fighter, etc. Performance-based Logistics is a leading-edge Read More

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